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Electric-heating floor covering

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Electric-heating floor covering


1. Applying patented technologies of preventing overheat and fire
Technologies for preventing overheat and fire ensure the safe and convenient operation of the boiler.

2. Smart control of power
The boiler raises the temperature fast at initial startup and automatically controls power upon temperature

3. Free from electromagnetic wave
Circuits designed for reducing electromagnetic waves minimize the emission of electromagnetic wave.

4. Cushion of various applications
The cushion can be used for various applications on chairs, sofas, and floors of residences and offices.

5. Energy saving by selecting size adequate for area
Heating of minimal space allows energy saving as well as convenient use, storage, and cleaning at each room.

6. Eliminating ticks by keeping temperature high
Contact with ticks from dusts is maximized during sleeping hours. Ticks are eliminated by keeping temperature high.

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Electric_heating floor covering